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Fri May 30, 2014 2:05 pm

  • When I joined in to the forum, I was looking for some people to talk about music and have some fun and I was happy there. The " subterranea"is a special album to me, becauseI I had my own for decades.
    When Peter and I started our jokes, it was fun but nothing more to me: he was out of reach and I am married for 36 years?
    Then I felt, the atmosphere went strange and hostile and I decided to go. To confuse nobody, but say that I have gone I wrote: "Sorry and best wishes to all." - Excuse me please, (I don' t belong here) and good bye.
    I went from for and facebook the same day and felt empty.
    Looking sometimes to the website, I was wondering what happened there and cancelled my journey to London, but I went to another concert and was won again. One hope had been to talk about things, but thete was no chance.
    Now, translating the lyrics, there is more information and after looking for a way to clear problems I am where it all started (and on the list again).
    There are no tricks, lies or as on my side. If you would know me, you wouldn't have anydoubt on it.
    So if you want to, let's talk and hopefully things will be "all right" in one day again
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