Free download (donations welcomed!) of my band's EP

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  • Hi all,

    Definitely an "all other banter" forum post here, from a long-time IQ fan . . .

    I'd like to invite you to download and listen to my band DarkSky's demo EP, "The Sky at Night". Although it's not really prog (although with 30 years acquaintance with the works of IQ, I can't deny that I'd like to get more prog influences in our songs :D ). We don't have a keyboard player, although both the drummer and I trigger sounds and I play synths using midi pedals as well as bass. The EP was recorded and mixed by me as we don't yet have the funds to do this in a studio.

    Anyway, enough of the excuses. I feel slightly apprehensive and excited at offering up our music to the collective musical wisdom of IQ fans - I know your eclectic appetite and passion for music, and I hope that DarkSky won't be found wanting!

    You can download the music from or you can listen to us without downloading at

    If anybody lives near Glasgow in Scotland, we are gigging locally, and you can find more about us and our gigs at


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