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  • Happy Birthday, Jörg!

    Have a fantastic weekend! I'll pick you up next weekend for Loreley festivities!

    CU soon, all the best to you - health and happiness first!

    T minus :
    Valkenburg, NL: 3,
    Loreley, GER: 30,
    London, UK: 80,
    Copenhagen, DK: 93,
    Stockholm, SWE: 94,
    Rome, I: 114,
    Fontaneto D'Agogna, I: 115,
    London, UK: 171,
    Zoetermeer, NL: 179,
    Bury, UK: 206,
    Aschaffenburg, GER: 219,
    Oberhausen, GER: 220 days
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  • Yeah,
    many Birthday greetings from me too!
    Seeya next weekend :!:

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  • Happy Birthday! :)
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  • alles gute, jörg!
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  • Happy Birthday!
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  • Many happies. Have a great weekend with the prog squad.

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  • Thank you very much all you lovely people! :)

    It was a nice quiet birthday, a normal working day during the day, but in the evening just me and my wife having a tasty dinner in a mediterranean restaurant.

    No party this weekend, but that will be different the next one! I'm looking forward to Loreley very much. Meeting the prog squad, nice venue, good music and the weather promises to be something like summer as well. Fingers crossed that it continues to be just as it is right now.

    And the week after, it's Bierbörse again. 700 sorts of beer, just in front of my door. Time to do a belated birthday party then... :mrgreen:
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