IQ Christmas Bash 2013, De Boerderij, Zoetermeer

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  • Rather belatedly, I'm afraid, I've got around to developing a small number of pictures I took at the Christmas Bash gig at De Boerderij in December and have uploaded them to flickr at: ... 422679206/

    There are only a handful because I wasn't much in the mood for photography that night. Partly because there were more people at the gig than last year (a good thing in general :) ) and moving around without being Mr Pushy Photog was a bit harder. Partly because of the daft Christmas trees, which blocked the side views most of the time. And partly because I'd had a thoroughly exhausting day the day before, which had ended up with me being asked daft questions in a live interview with Kirsty Wark on a certain late night news programme on BBC2 :wink:

    But all the same, the couple of Peter I quite like, especially the Christmas themed one, and the rest have a certain impressionistic quality, making up for the fact that they were out of focus and/or motion blurred 8)

    Hope you like them too.
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