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Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:58 pm

  • Going back to that Thomas Giles album, I've been raving about, it seems I'm not the only one because Twang from The Peel is also posting similar things on Facebook. In fact he is interviewing Thomas on his Total Rock radio show tomorrow between 3pm and 6pm (I think the interview's around 4ish). Always worth a listen, you can stream it from Total Rock or you can do what I did and download the Total Rock app for your iPhone.

    BTW, Gerry Ewing also does a prog show on Wednesdays from 12pm to 3pm but I've never mangaged to listen to that because of work. They should do podcasts!

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Mon May 09, 2011 7:16 pm

  • Thought that this might be the best tread to put this shameless plug for one of my niece's boyfriend's bands Danmaku, who have a new CD coming out in June.

    His name is Paul Harrington and he is one of the guitarists.

    Just a world of warning though before you hit the link for some samples from the album it is Trash metal, so might be a bit unnerving for some of you :shock:

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